Am I sponsoring a particular client?  Will they know who I am?

Godparents do not directly sponsor clients or their children. For privacy reasons, we keep our clientele list confidential and do not share that information. Our Godparents are a backbone of the Center as prayer warriors and financial supporters to allow us to minister to women and men in need. Your support will allow us to

How do I pay?

You can pay online using PayPal, or set up automatic monthly payments with your credit/debit card, you could also send in monthly payments if you prefer to write checks. Contact the Center if you have any questions or need help deciding which method would be best for you.

How long is my commitment?

Typically, a Godparent is set up for one year, the center will then contact you for renewal at the end of that time. If you need to cancel at any time during that year, you can contact the Center and we will arrange to have your donation stopped.

Where does my money go?

The funds we receive are used to provide pregnancy tests and information resources to our clients. We also purchase materials for our educational programs, including Earn While You Learn, abstinence education, and other community outreach. Your generous donations also allow us to keep our lights on and our doors open, as well as help provide

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