Some facts about abortion: Women who have had an abortion report higher rates of depression and suicide. Women who have had abortion have a higher risk of future miscarriages. Women who have had abortion have a higher rate of infertility. Some scientific studies show a link between breast cancer and abortion. As with all medical


Some facts about abstinence: Couples who are sexually active before marriage report increased dissatisfaction with their sexual life after marriage. Couples who practice abstinence report that greater appreciation for their spouses than those who are active before marriage. Divorce rates are increased among couples who are sexually active before marriage. Sexually active couples have higher


A quick overview of adoption:   The PRC does not arrange adoptions or act as an agent for attorneys or adoption agencies.  We can refer a birth mother to the appropriate resources if it is her choice.  We do not counsel specifically or coerce into adoption, but we do believe it is a beautiful and


A quick overview of contraception: The PRC does not dispense, prescribe, advocate, or refer for birth control.  It's important to be informed about the different types of birth control.  Many of the risks are not routinely disclosed unless specifically asked, and may not be accurately described.  The PRC can provide more detailed information about the

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